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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 20, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. firing back, in a stunningly raw moment at the white house, the president's chief of staff general kelly lashes out at the critics of the president's calls to families of the fallen. >> there's no perfect way to make that call. >> emotional as he describes losing his own son and both presidents obama and bush step back into the spotlight taking veiled swipes at trump. thwarted. a terrifying discovery. police discovering an arsenal of weapons, explosive devices, maps of schools and the terrifying message on a handwritten note. new bombshell. oscar winner lupita nyong'o now taking on harvey weinstein, detailing her own repeated harassment at the hands of the disgraced producer and another actress filing rape charges. plus, the major director now apologizing saying he knew about
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weinstein's behavior and should have done more. ♪ nothing holding me back the dodgers are headed to the world series. a, the l.a. dodgers on the way to the world series crushing the defending champion cubs. the unlikely hero who hit three home runs and the yankees just one win away from a coast-to-coast showdown. ♪ nothing holding me back and good morning, america. happy friday. it is a happy friday for the l.a. dodgers heading to the world series first time since 1988. >> and, of course, all of los angeles was celebrating last night. take a look at the jumbotron at the lakers game. they interrupted the kiss cam to show the dodgers clinch their trip to the world series, the winning moment for the city there. everybody in that city is really excited.
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>> i think a few people in this studio might be hoping the yankees win tonight and then that will be an incredible showdown. we'll have more on that later. right now lots of reaction coming in to that emotional appearance in the white house briefing room from chief of staff john kelly. raw and red-eyed as he attacked the president's critics and remembered the death of his own son on the battlefield. chief white house correspondent jon karl starts us off. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. white house officials say it was entirely general kelly's idea to speak out on this and he is furious about how the controversy has unfolded. with his emotional appearance in the white house briefing room, chief of staff john kelly himself a gold star father sought to put an end to the controversy sparked by comments made by the president earlier this week. >> there's no perfect way to make that phone call. when i took this job and talked to president trump about how to
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do it, my first recommendation was he not do it because it's not the phone call that parents, family members are looking forward to. >> reporter: kelly's son robert was killed in afghanistan in 2010. >> he asked me about previous presidents and i said i can tell you that president obama, who was my commander in chief when i was on active duty did not call my family. that was not a criticism. that was just to simply say i don't believe president obama called. that's not a negative thing. >> reporter: describing his own experience with loss, kelly said he counseled the president on what to say. >> he said to me, what do i say? i said to him, sir, there's nothing you can do to lighten the burden on these families. but let me tell you what i told him and let me tell you what my best friend joe dunford told me because he was my casualty officer.
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he said, kel, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. he knew what he was getting into by joining that 1%. that's what the president tried to say to a -- to four families the other day. >> reporter: president trump told the widow of sergeant la david johnson that her husband knew what he was signing up for. kelly said he was echoing the words he was told about his son. >> the enlisted. he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. that was the message. >> reporter: as for the congresswoman who was with sergeant johnson's widow when she received the call from the president and said it was disrespectful -- >> it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. absolutely stuns me. and i thought at least that was sacred. >> reporter: and the brother of
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staff sergeant dustin wright one of the four soldiers killed in niger says he doesn't want his brother's death to be politicized. >> nothing good is coming out of talking about president trump and a phone call or, you know, what letters have been sent or anything else. and there are legacies that need to be carried on. there are sons and daughters without fathers. there are wives without husbands, and we want to focus on helping them. >> reporter: overnight the president weighed in on this yet again tweeting, quote, the fake news is going crazy with wacky congresswoman wilson who was secretly on a very personal call and gave a total lie on content. by the way, the congresswoman, congresswoman wilson is a close family friend of the johnsons. the reason why she heard the call is she was in the call with sergeant johnson's widow when the president's call came in. george. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much.
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we want to bring in our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz who is in tokyo this morning. martha, you've covered general kelly for a long time and know him well. simply extraordinary that he would come to the briefing room and open up about his own personal loss in that way. >> reporter: george, i was very, very surprised by that. general kelly has been so private about his son. his staff and general kelly himself have asked reporters, have asked me in the past not to bring up the death of his son when we have interviewed him so it was very surprising, but it shows you how profoundly he feels about this, how profoundly protective of president trump he is being and, of course, he was in the room with him. george, as you know, i know many gold star families, they all grieve differently. they all grieve privately or publicly but it is all a unique experience that really none of us can understand. >> certainly and, martha, he expressed that real gulf he feels between the 1%, those who serve in the military and the
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rest of the country. >> reporter: yeah, you know what struck me that part of him was still talking about that -- as a marine corps general about the sacrifice and service and, you know, george, i've been out here with the troops the last couple of days, and the sailors on a carrier, they do not like any of this politicized. they do not like to talk about things like this, but interestingly enough, when i asked one young pilot, an f-35 pilot whether he feared that war might break out on the korean peninsula, he said, ma'am, that's what we signed up for. george. >> okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. amy. meanwhile, george, there are still unanswered questions about that deadly ambush in niger that took the lives of sergeant la david johnson and three other special forces. the pentagon has now launched an official investigation and our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the latest details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. as you said still no answers this morning as to what happened
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in that deadly ambush in a remote african village more than two weeks since it happened. the american soldiers were part of a green beret battalion assigned to train and assist the nye army there. the four who died were overwhelmed by a force of some 50 militants. but the pentagon still cannot provide a full and cogent narrative of how it happened. citing the ongoing investigation which was only launched on thursday. >> we'll investigate this. we'll have conclusions and those conclusions will be presented. i'm not prepared to go further. >> reporter: two key questions remain, one, did the unit have the proper advance intelligence and backup air and ground support in case something went wrong. officials said the unit did not expect to be in combat. >> over the last six months we have conducted 29 partnered patrols in this general area without contact of any kind. >> reporter: a second question, did sergeant la david johnson get left behind when the rest of his unit pulled out?
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his body was not recovered for at least 20 hours. >> it took us a little while to do it. we didn't leave him behind and we searched until we found him and we brought him home. >> reporter: u.s. forces have been in niger for the last four years as the threat of this terror group has escalated with its leader last year pledging allegiance to isis. >> there's a reason we have u.s. army soldiers there and not the peace corps, because we carry guns. >> reporter: and now part of the investigation is whether some of the local troops working with the u.s. forces tipped off the militants about their travel plans and their movements which set up that ambush. >> okay, brian ross, thank you. two former presidents also making headlines this morning. both george w. bush and barack obama rebuking president trump without mentioning him by name sounding the alarm on the deep divisions they see in our country right now. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is at the white house with the story. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, for months president obama and bush have avoided weighing in on the day-to-day politics of
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the trump administration but now delivering a one-two punch and while neither of the former presidents mentioned the current president directly, they didn't have to. president obama stepping back into the political spotlight and back into the fray. >> our politics just seem so divided and so angry and so nasty. >> reporter: at a campaign event overnight in virginia the former president never uttered the words "donald trump" but his target was clear. >> we've got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry. to demonize people who have different ideas. to get the base all riled up because it provides a short-term tactical outlet. >> reporter: also throwing down the gauntlet, george w. bush in a blistering takedown thursday. >> bigotry seems emboldened and politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theorist and outright fabrication. we've seen our discourse
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degraded by casualty cruelty. at times it can seem like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together. >> reporter: adamant on some issues, there is no wiggle room. >> bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the american creed. >> reporter: don't expect to have this become a regular thing. president obama doesn't have anymore campaign appearances scheduled for the rest of the year. president bush isn't expected to weigh in again any time soon. >> reporter: meantime, late last night in the senate they passed that budget which is the first step towards getting that tax cut president trump wants. >> reporter: overnight senate republicans cleared that first major hurdle in their quest to overall the nation's tax code last night passing a budget resolution. this now paves the way for them to pass tax reform with just a majority vote. this budget heads to the house for their approval. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. on to florida where police discovered an arsenal of weapons
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in a home where they were investigating an unrelated crime. abc's gio benitez is here with that story and, gio, this could have, may have prevented disaster. >> reporter: it really could. good morning to you. the man is not talking to police but they're already making comparisons to the las vegas shooter, a total unknown who wasn't on anyone's radar. now even the fbi is involved. >> tommy: this morning, a troubling surprise for police in florida who believe they may have thwarted an attack. detectives conducting a separate crimes against children investigation and instead finding a large arsenal of weapons, explosives, ammunition, side by side with maps of two schools and a water treatment plant. >> these are the people that are most concerning to us. what we call the lone wolf, you know, the sleepers out there, the people who are not on our radar. >> reporter: police say the man, 24-year-old randall drake had three explosive devices, ten rifle, eight handguns, more than 15 knives, a baseball bat with nails, even a crossbow. >> he named his guns. that's weird.
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i mean, i don't know how else to say it. >> reporter: detectives found notes on how to build bombs and this, a handwritten note saying i shall have my bloody revenge and then the world will burn, burn. drake is charged with unlawful y making destructive devices or attempting to. police don't know what he allegedly planned to do with those maps and the weapons, but the fbi's joint terrorism task force is investigating, boy, this was a scary one. >> thank god he found him. thank you. now to major lawsuits targeting three of the biggest diet soda brands accusing them of misleading marketing and saying that artificial sweeteners they used may cause weight gain. paula faris is here with the story. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, michael. these lawsuits center on the use of aspartame and its controversial nature, citing a
7:14 am
recent report that shows a link between artificial sweeteners and type 2 diabetes and heart disease. this morning diet soda is under fire. coca-cola, pepsi, and dr. pepper, the three largest u.s. makers of carbonated beverages are facing proposed class action lawsuits alleging the marketing of their sodas are false, misleading and deceiving shoppers into thinking the beverages will help them manage or lose weight. >> products marketed as diet products should be helpful in helping people lose weight and these products are not helpful in losing weight. they may, in fact, do the opposite. >> reporter: the suits also claim aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in the sodas is likely to cause weight gain rather than to help in weight loss or healthy weight management. >> there's no question this is deceptive advertising. >> reporter: although the studies don't show conclusively
7:15 am
aspartame directly causes weight gain several do show a correlation between diet soda consumption and obesity, the calorie control council whose members include manufacturers of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and diet sodas say reduced-calorie products are an important tool in helping consumers improve their diet and lose weight. the lawsuit is very interesting. aren't seeking any specific dollar amount but want the jury and for these beverages to stop being marketed as diet. the american beverage association which reps the three soda companies however, michael, called these lawsuits meritless. >> thank you, paula. we'll be joined by dr. jennifer ashton and, doc, you're board certified in obesity medicine. what is the science behind this claim? do they have a case? >> obesity is a complex disorder. multiple factors go into it, genetics, behavior, what are you drinking, eating, some medications and environment. while drinking a zero calorie beverage has some benefits there
7:16 am
is no clear scientific data that something like aspartame directly leads to weight loss. >> now, regardless if they are healthy or not, they are sugar-free. >> right. >> do the pros outweigh the cons here? >> that's a complex question, right? there is extensive data linking them to obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes. you have to weigh the risks versus the benefits versus alternatives and when you talk about them, you need to remember our bodies are 60% water. not 60% sweetened beverage. >> good point. got to watch what you put into your body. >> drink water. >> that was the story behind the story. >> as i said, you don't order the large fries and the large -- the big mac, large fries and a diet soda. doesn't work that way. >> exactly. >> thank you, doctor. >> you bet. >> thank you, jen. we move to a frightening scene in north carolina caught on camera when a school bus catches on fire. the driver, look at this, pulled over after he smelled smoke. that's when flames erupted. more than a dozen students had to evacuate from the east charlotte area high school.
7:17 am
one was treated for smoke inhalation, the children were pick you had up by a different bus and taken home. no word on what caused this in the first place but certainly glad everyone is okay. >> thank goodness for that. now to that big win overnight for the los angeles dodgers heading to the world series for the first time since 1988. they crushed the cubs, 11-1 and enrique hernandez hit three home runs including that grand slam with seven rbis. especially sweet win for him because his dad who just beat cancer was in the stands. back in l.a. people celebrated by waving flags across the city and see the buildings downtown lit up in dodgers blue. >> three home runs in one game. >> that's quite a night. >> one heck of a night. >> and grand slam. >> we all need a night like that. rob has the landslide forcing an evacuation in washington state. what's going on? >> good morning, michael. this happened yesterday morning north of seattle. you see the trees crashed into
7:18 am
this small apartment buildings. 30 people evacuated. there was a gas line that erupted and those folks are starting to get back into their areas. there's another storm. the weekend storm will bring more rain and wind, maybe concentrated more along the oregon coastline. high wind catches up there, ten-plus inches, a lot of snow at the upper elevations, five to ten inches of snow and red flag warnings. this does not get to southern california. good friday morning.
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i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly cloudy and an autumn breeze today. clear, calmer, cooler tonight and summer heat, several days of it next week. not today. look rat the temperatures. stuck in the 60s everywhere to a in half moon bay. tonight most of us in the 40s, about 52 in san francisco. it will be a little breezy this afternoon but calmer winds mean a warming trend tomorrow. look at the 70s and coming up here on "gma," oscar winner lupita nyong'o is speaking out accusing harvey weinstein of sexual harassment and says it happened at his home while his kids were there and she wants other women to know about it. also, the brand new images of o.j. simpson out on parole and the new questions now about his life ne las vegas area, when we come back. parole and new questions about his life in the las vegas area when we come back. when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse.
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♪ good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." some residents were forced out by this air fire near boulder creek are finally waking up at home this morning. the neighborhood was evacuated overnight tuesday after the fire broke out. residents were allowed to go back home last night. the fire has burned 320 acres, still burning at 35% contin containment. our overnight rain, that caused a lot of problems for us. >> it sure did early this morning, jessica. we are starting to dry out, though, so good news. we have friday light volumes. one of our only collisions, southbound 680 past king road, a crash blocking lane three so you're backed up into the allen rock area. here's a live look at the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. those puddles not as deep, the
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pavement starting to dry out.
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good morning. check out live doppler 7, steady rain long gone, a few scattered light showers out there by 9:00. we'll probably close the door on those. if you're stepping out, we're cleared out first in the north bay 40s, the rest of us in the 50s, san ramon at 48, los gatos at 47. damp roads through the morning commute. cool to mild for mass transit, the ferry, breezy at times on the bay. by accuweather seven-day forecast, and you'll see tomorrow lighter winds, a little warmer where we should be. check out tuesday and wednesday, jessica, 70s at the coast. >> it's been a roller coaster. up next, new details about o.j. simpson's life after prison on "gma." we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always onsign and use our news
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so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter) i know last year that donald trump offended some people. i know his comments according to critics went too far. some said it was unbecoming of a public figure and they said that his comments were offensive. well, thank god he's learned his lesson. >> welcome back to "gma" and that is house speaker paul ryan roasting president trump at the annual charity fund-raiser last night getting a lot of laughs. louis c.k., kevin hart, paul ryan is coming for you. >> that guy behind looked so concerned. right now a lot of reaction coming to that emotional moment in the white house press briefing room.
7:31 am
the comments from john kelly and taking on the president's up abe loss of his own son. and new concerns about laptops on airlines. faa is asking they be banned and the proposed ban will be discussed next week. we begin with new accusations against movie mogul harvey weinstein. actress lupita nyong'o coming forward sharing her story in "the new york times" saying she was inspired by the brave women now speaking out and abc's adrienne bankert is here with more. what a powerful read. >> reporter: absolutely. very intimate. another growing list of accusers in harvey weinstein's saga. award-winning actress lupita nyong'o saying she could no longer stay silent. oscar-winning actress lupita nyong'o speaking out about her own alleged experiences with producer harvey weinstein. in "the new york times" the "12 years a slave" star describes how an invitation to watch movies with family at weinstein's home took a sinister turn.
7:32 am
harvey led me into a bedroom, his bedroom, and announced he wanted to give me a massage. i thought he was joking. he was not. for the first time since i met him i felt unsafe and goes on to describe her fear saying she panicked a little before offering to give him one, a way to be in control physically, she writes, rationalizing this awkward moment based on her experience with student massages in acting classes at yale. but when he attempted to remove his pants she ran from the room. she claims at the time she second-guessed her discomfort but years later the movie mogul invited her to dinner where she says his intentions became clear. he announced, let's cut to the chase. i have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal. he told me not to be so naive. if i wanted to be an actress i had to be willing to do this sort of thing. once she declined he sent her away saying i don't know about your career but you'll be fine. before deciding to share her account, nyong'o said she felt sick about joining in the conspiracy of silence adding she
7:33 am
was ultimately moved to speak by the bravery of others coming forward. >> i have been harassed so many times. i can't count. i've been assaulted. >> reporter: many inspired by actress alyssa milano who urged women to share their experiences with sexual harassment and assault under the #metoo. >> we are going to be vocal until this stops, not one more. it stops here. >> reporter: this morning one of miles an hour amax biggest stars, director quentin tarantino saying he's known for decades about weinstein's behavior and said there's more to it than just the normal rumors, the normal gossip. it wasn't secondhand. i wish i had taken responsibility for what i heard and said his former girlfriend mira sorvino told him about the unwelcome advances and harassment she faced from the producer. he said he feels a sense of shame because he didn't say more when he knew a lot more than other people were talking about. i mean, a really telling story
7:34 am
from lupita who expresses what it was like as a young actress. she was just a student when she met him. more to this, there is a woman who is being unnamed at this point. she is coming forward to tell her story, her lawyer will speak today saying that she was raped by weinstein back in 2013 in a beverly hills hotel. it's the first case reported here in southern california but, you know, it's amazing how many are speaking out. >> a critical case as well because 2013 would be within the statute of limitations so if there is enough evidence it could go to trial. >> and the cases in london, there are two active sex crime probes there and three women at least speaking out. it's just kind of crazy. let me get the details right, new york police have two active crimes going and in london there are three women, but still -- >> so many powerful stories and so brave of all these people, men and women coming forward. >> yeah and so far from over. >> thank you, adrienne. >> thank you very much, adrienne. now we'll turn to that new twist in a so-called killer clown case. the suspect's husband is now defending his wife and the victim's family is speaking out. deborah roberts is here with the details. >> reporter: a new development in a shocker of a story that had eluded florida investigators for
7:35 am
nearly 30 years but this morning, they're saying they finally cracked the cold case and now know who was behind that frightening clown costume in the murder of a 40-year-old woman. it's the season of the clown. stephen's king's "it" scaring up a fortune on the big screen but is this the mild-mannered face behind a real killer clown? it was a saturday morning in 1990 just before 11:00. a colorful clown drives up to the floor home of marlene warren carrying flowers, balloons and rings the doorbell. >> the clown pulls out a gun and fires at point blank range to marlene's face. >> reporter: marlene's 22-year-old son joe is at home with friends. >> he remembers seeing the clown's brown eyes as the clown got into a white chrysler lebaron. >> reporter: two days later his mother dies. >> this is the entrance to our clown room. she liked the clowns when she
7:36 am
was a little girl. i come in here and i think of her. >> reporter: an eerie and ironic twist. shirley and bill telling abc news their late daughter loved clowns. >> marlene was outstanding. friendly, loving, kindness, do anything for anybody. >> always courteous, always respectful. >> reporter: police quickly zeroing in on a suspect, 27-year-old sheila keen, a business partner of marlene's husband mike. detectives looking into rumors of an affair between the two which they deny but without enough evidence the case goes cold. no longer followed in the press until this past may. a journalist looking into the murderer finds sheila keen now calling herself debbie and living in virginia and married to murder victim marlene's husband mike. >> very friendly, outgoing, nice. >> i turned angry when i heard mike had married sheila, angry.
7:37 am
>> reporter: police conduct new dna testing and just weeks ago take sheila keen warren into custody charging her with first degree murder. prosecutors seeking the death penalty. >> sometimes justice can be delayed, but justice eventually arrives. >> reporter: and more developments this morning. marlene's widower, sheila's husband, mike, telling abc news in a phone call sheila is falsely accused and that she -- this is a very serious thing so he's saying it's unfair. investigators, of course, at this point mum on what whether there could be charges coming in his direction. >> sheila is still in jail? >> she was extradited brought to florida in jail awaiting trial. she has pleaded not guilty but this case seems to be changing. we can expect anything probably to happen here so more tonight on "20/20," of course. >> that's right.
7:38 am
you can see deborah's complete report on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. thank you, deborah. we will be right back with o.j. simpson's life after prison. new images coming in. one question, is he sticking to the terms of his parole. there are 24 hours in a day... tempur-pedic helps you get the most out of every one of them. only proprietary tempur material precisely conforms to your body, instead of pushing back. you get up to twice as much pressure relieving power, so you won't toss and turn. and tempur-pedic is the best at minimizing motion transfer from your partner. so you won't be disturbed during the night. you'll sleep deeply... and wake up, feeling powerful. only the best carry tempur-pedic. find an exclusive retailer at
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of o.j. simpson's life after prison. he's on parole living outside of las vegas and eva pilgrim is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. let's be real. it was going to be pretty hard for o.j. just to blend into any neighborhood that he moved into and whether he likes it or not, people are watching his every move. the juice has to be on his best behavior. if he breaks the law at all, his parole could be revoked and he could be sent back to jail. pictures this morning of o.j.'s new normal. smiling for his new driver's license at the las vegas dmv, a far cry from where he was just 19 days ago. >> come on out. >> reporter: the 70-year-old, a free man after nine years in prison for armed robbery now one of the most famous parolees in america. justin says he saw the hall of famer at a local sports bar sipping bloody marys. >> o.j. sitting right across from us. i was like, no way. >> reporter: taking photos and selfies with his new neighbors
7:43 am
at a local wine bar and also spotted chatting with several women and holding a martini glass. one of the conditions of simpson's parole, no drinking to excess defined as a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08, the state's limit for driving. >> mr. simpson actually has his own personal breathalyzer device and can test himself if he has a drink or two drinks. >> reporter: hanging over him a huge debt, a civil judgment worth millions to the families of ron goldman and nicole brown. while his nfl and screen actors guild pensions aren't touchable any money he makes moving forward could be seized to pay off what he owes. just days after his release, tmz releasing this photo they say shows simpson signing memorabilia including usc and buffalo bills helmets. those items popping up for sale on sports websites. that auction taken down, steiner sports says they got the items
7:44 am
from a third party telling abc news on thursday, we can confirm that we no longer sell the items mentioned. we are hearing o.j. is still hoping to move to florida. that's what he said all along. but the proper paperwork has to be submitted in order for him to be transported from nevada to florida. that has not happened but clearly people watching his every move. >> cameras will follow him to florida too. eva, thanks very much. michael. george, coming up an exclusive look inside the brand-new apple store. how it could revolutionize the way you shop. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement.
7:45 am
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man: shh you guys, group: surprise! avo: nothing comes before coffee. enjoy the perfectly balanced flavor of mccafe coffee at home. woman: ok group: surprise woman: ah what! grandpa: did we get ya?
7:48 am
we are back now with an exclusive look inside the brand-new apple store revolutionizing retail. it's set to open today in chicago. >> it's completely transparent and when you walk in, you may have a hard time finding products to buy and that is intentional. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is there this morning with all the details. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, michael. that's right. this is the future of in-store shopping according to apple. 20,000 square feet along the chicago river. it's surrounded by glass with an estimated price tag of $30 million. this for apple is the biggest store opening in a decade. apple is reimagining the in-store shopping experience starting with a giant monitor
7:49 am
where you can do everything from create your own music -- ♪ >> i'm just putting together some music. >> reporter: to design your own artwork. >> i love it. >> reporter: add in a dash of augmented reality -- >> are the butterflies there now? >> yes. >> i love the butterflies. >> really colorful. >> reporter: sprinkle in a few automated robots. run my code. and enjoy an amazing array of classes like coding where you can turn the virtual into real life. the woman behind it all, apple's angela orentz. she says this is what the future looks like. >> i think our job is to carry apple's legacy forward and always keep it relevant for now, for today. this is where the best of apple comes together. >> reporter: apple wants this to be the ultimate meeting place so they've designed it that literally you can come here whether the store is open or even closed and you can hang out here on the steps outside. >> so, rebecca, do they think if you make it like a gaming
7:50 am
lounge, people will hang out more and buy more stuff or are people going to come there, use it and go home without. >> reporter: that's right, michael. i said it reminds me a little bit of visiting the children's museum as a kid. apple wants this to feel like an experience, a place where you can come and learn, where you don't necessarily have to buy anything but as we all know, whether you're a kid or an adult, if you start playing with something and you really like it, chances are you're probably going to get interested in buying it too. >> they know the kids when they start playing with it they'll start begging at home for it. >> thank you. an exclusive with the actress who met with drug kingpin el chapo and sean penn. her startling admission. and it is our wedding dress rescue. we're making one bride's dream come true after she lost everything in hurricane harvey. she looks beautiful. coming up "gma's" concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. ♪ every time i get ahead of myself ♪ myself ♪ ♪ every time i get ahead of
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we've grown to over $900 billion in assets under care... by being proactive, not reactive. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. welcome back to "gma." look at this video out of welcome back to "gma." look at this out of portugal. this is a fire-nado. dramatic scenes there. we're watching the santa cruz fire.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by edwards jones "good morning america" is brought to you by educatiward j where attention and sound advice is a big deal.
7:56 am
hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." lease go ahead and check in with mike nicco. hey, mike. is that rain gone finally? >> the steady rain definitely gone. still watching some scattered showers we talked about in the north bay and around some of the higher elevations. i think after the o'clock hour those will fall way. partly cloudy, a little breezy. look at this, autumn back, 60s for most of us, 59 at the coast, 40s for most of us tonight. summer's not over. look at those 70s, 80s, and 90s, by monday, tuesday, and wednesday. good morning. definitely starting to see the clouds part at the bay bridge toll plaza. still have those metering lights on and our typical backups there. quick check of drive times this morning as well. took a while but we have some delays, westbound 580 tracy to dublin. not terrible. southbound 101 san rafael to
7:57 am
san francisco in the yellow at 20. >> not terrible but not great. coming up, a special surprise for a bride whose wedding gown was ruined during hurricane harvey. you want to see the surprise next on "gma." and another news update in about 30 minutes aro
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. chief of staff john kelly's stunningly personal moment at the white house firing back at critics of the president's calls to the families of the fallen, talked about losing his own son on the battlefield as former presidents obama and bush both speak out against trump. a new investigation now by the lapd into hollywood producer harvey weinstein as oscar winner lupita nyong'o comes out with a blistering and personal testimonial overnight about her repeated encounters with him. how he intimidated her when she was just a student and why she says she was inspired to speak up now. ♪ teenage dreams stuck in space. >> i could be stuck here forever. >> what happened to katy perry marooned in mid air right above her own concert. the fans' videos capturing it all.
8:01 am
♪ i think i wanna marry you get ready for wedding dress rescue. the bride-to-be who lost so much in hurricane harvey including her dream dress now getting ready to go down the aisle. her wedding is just days away and she's finding a new dress here live this morning, all right trying on one after another. which one will she pick? we'll find out live as we say good morning, america. ♪ and good morning, america. welcome back this friday morning. going to be a special morning here. >> it certainly is because we have our special event, our wedding dress rescue. take a look at myrna. she is very emotional this morning. she lost everything to hurricane harvey including her dream wedding gown. >> so we're here helping her out. we got a bridal boutique right here in our studio. she's been shopping all morning for the perfect dress for her wedding. the big question is which one will she pick. it's right here in our studio. you can head to our instagram story to see her try on more
8:02 am
than 20 wedding dresses and the big reveal coming up. >> that will be fantastic. news this morning including white house chief of staff john kelly firing back at critics of the president in that briefing at the white house yesterday. our chief white house correspondent jon karl has more from the white house this morning. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. white house officials say it was entirely general kelly's idea to speak out on this trying to put an end to the controversy sparked by the president's own words. he did so by recounting the call he received informing him that his son had been killed in afghanistan. >> let me tell you what my best friend joe dumford told me because he was my casualty officer. >> he said, kel, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. he knew what he was getting into by joining the 1%.
8:03 am
that's what the president tried to say to four families the other day. >> reporter: overnight, the president weighed in on this again tweeting, quote, the fake news is going crazy with wacky congresswoman wilson who was secretly on a personal call and gave a total lie on content. it's important to point out congresswoman wilson is a family friend of the johnsons. she overheard the call because she was in the car with sergeant johnson's widow when the call came in, george. >> jon karl, thanks very much. amy. we turn to those new accusations against harvey weinstein. oscar winning actress lupita nyong'o sharing her story in "the new york times" saying she was inspired by the other brave women speaking out and abc's adrienne bankert is here with more on that. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning. the lapd investigating a rape case against weinstein from a model and actress who says harvey assaulted her in a beverly hills hotel in 2013 and we're expected to learn more from than woman's lawyer later today.
8:04 am
but it's her personal story in "the new york times" that is in the limelight writing how he invited her to his private room when she was just a student at yale. weinstein later apologized and writes our business is complicated because we are paid to do very intimate things in public. that's why someone can have the audacity to invite you to their home or hotel room and you show up. it happened to her a few times. nyong'o said the bravery of so many gave her the courage to speak now. amy. >> thanks so much. >> that was really some piece in "the new york times." coming up our exclusive with the actress who met el chapo with sean penn. some surprising revelations this morning drawing fire from sean. could eight words help you find love? the dating expert people spend thousands to meet with here sharing his secrets live. i think the eight words are i love you and you are always right. yes, they are. >> very good. >> lara is upstairs. what's going on, lara?
8:05 am
>> i'm here with myrna who survived hurricane harvey, lost everything, though, including her wedding dress. this is not it. we're helping her today though. which will she pick to surprise her groom steven. a big special reveal coming up on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. fred would do anything for his daughter. get in, fred! even if it means being the back half of a unicorn. fear not fred, the front half washed his shirt with gain. and that smell puts the giddy in "giddy-up"! ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. you can't help but smell happy. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do.
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8:09 am
so why not give it the protection it deserves. state farm. ♪ ♪ i see your face ♪ cause you're amazing just the way you are ♪ hey, welcome back to "gma" on this friday. we have a great crowd. here today and of course the reveal of our wedding dress
8:10 am
rescue. myrna in our bridal boutique. there she is right there trying on more than 20 gowns to replace the dream dress she lost in hurricane harvey. we'll find out which one she picks. >> she's really excited. >> she should be. >> her fiance is here blindfolded. it's all good. "pop news." happy friday. now they're quiet. let's go, people. tgif. now we'll start with katy perry with an out of this world experience during her concert in nashville. she got stuck on a model of saturn suspended high in the air above her stage and a fan posted this telling concertgoers, guy, put your phones up this is a youtube moment and they did. >> this is the first time i've been stuck in space. i know i'm a space cadet but this is stuck right now. i could be stuck here forever. what should i do? should i tell some jokes? should i tell some stories? should i sing another song? [ cheers ] >> i think she did a little bit of all of that. all was well. she was finally lowered down but
8:11 am
did have to -- when she was lowered down have to dive almost into the crowd in order to get off the platform. the crowd loved it. the little hiccup did not ruin the night. her fans say the show was incredible and perry later tweeted smashville, aka nashville, you were an incredible time tonight so really fun video there. thank you for sharing. social media friends. also in "pop news" on this friday, taylor swift dropped a brand-new song. have you heard it yet? >> i did this morning on the way in. >> i'm going to let you listen to it right now. that's why we're here. [ cheers and applause ] it's good, right? >> it's very good. >> as you know george, she already released two songs from her upcoming album and the third now called "gorgeous." here it is. ♪ you're so gorgeous i can't say anything to your face ♪ ♪ 'cause look at your face and i'm so furious ♪
8:12 am
>> who could it be about, you guys? we know they're always about someone, right, when it's taylor swift so we don't know if it's about the current boyfriend. we just don't know but anticipation is building for the release of her entire album called "reputation" being released in three weeks and taylor invited a select group of super fans so lucky to her home in rhode island on the coast for a listening session of the whole album on wednesday night. they say it was fantastic. and, again, the full album comes out in november. [ applause ] >> was online and consensus is about it's her current boyfriend joe. >> my uber driver was blasting it this morning. >> oh, wow. >> really? >> yes. >> he's in the know, man. all right, and then finally, i hope this story makes you smile. dog owners out there. do we have a lot of dog owners? [ cheers ] we love our pets. a new study out of the
8:13 am
university of portsmouth say dogs make facial expressions when a human is looking at them. yeah, people, of course. researchers did tests where human faced his or her dog and then the same test when their back was turned to the dog measuring -- yes. measuring movements such as eyebrow raise and tongue show. that's an expression, tongue show. they determined that dogs express much more when they're looking face-to-face at their owner or other humans and these facial expressions are in fact them trying to communicate. duh? i have pictures of my dogs. tell me lucy is not trying to say thank you for rescuing me and then i have one of dandy which we're not clear. he looks very guilty. trying to say, yes, mom, i did it. so anyway, that is your friday installment, people, of "pop news." [ applause ] >> thank you, lara. thank you. we'll move on to our "gma" cover story an exclusive interview
8:14 am
with kate del castillo, the actress who took sean penn to meet fugitive drug kingpin el chapo telling her side of the story drawing some fire from penn. juju chang is here with the interview. good morning, juju. >> good morning. i'm sure you all remember that del castillo made global headlines with that audacious secret meet-up with el chapo and told us her goal was to make a movie about the powerful drug lord who escaped from mexican prisons twice but going after his life story turned into her own story of a lifetime. this morning a very candid kate del castillo, the famous mexican-american actress on her infamous secret rendezvous with the notorious drug kingpin el chapo and the startling admission about the hollywood movie star who tagged along, sean penn. >> i never fell for him. we had sex. >> okay. >> sorry, but -- we're both adults, single and something was going on, but that was it.
8:15 am
it was business. >> so there was sex, but there wasn't a relationship in your mind? >> no. no. >> why wait until now to finally admit that you were intimate with sean? >> because nobody asked me. they were so stupid. they were all thinking i had something to do with el chapo and nobody asked me about it. i'm not bragging about that, but i think it was all so calculated, even that. >> reporter: just one day before penn published a storing in "rolling stone" about the star's secret encounter, the drug lord was arrested. now penn strongly denying allegations he alerted u.s. authorities. his spokesperson calling the notion a complete fabrication and bald-faced lie. >> he has seen this documentary and in "variety" was quoted as saying there are profound inaccuracies. what's your reaction? >> i said the same thing about his article. so he has probably a point of view. i have another point of view. >> what is the truth? >> that i have nothing to do with him getting caught. nothing to do -- i don't work for the government and i am just
8:16 am
interested in my career and trying to do a good story and that was it. >> reporter: del castillo now telling her side of the story in netflix's three-part docu-series "the day i met el chapo" did you feel like you put your life in his hands in some level? >> truly. truly and i think he also did that. >> so after a night of drinking and talking, el chapo decides to escort you to your room. why do you think he did that? >> i think he wanted to have probably two minutes with me by himself and to be, you know, a gentleman. it was my only opportunity to tell him that not forget what i originally tweeted, let's do some good. >> you must have been afraid. >> yes. >> what were you afraid of? >> well, he might rape me or kill me. >> it's a very candid conversation. now sean penn's spokesperson gave a withering statement saying castillo is delusion and containing
8:17 am
egregiously reckless lies. netflix responded to us saying that sean penn was given the opportunity on multiple occasions to participate in "the day i met el chapo" and did not do so. this series gives kate a chance to finally tell her side of this stranger-than-fiction story and she's still pursuing the movie. >> wow. >> no kidding. >> wow. >> incredible interview. >> see it on netflix "the day i met el chapo." michael. >> thank you, george. now the intimate life of rolling stone magazine founder jann wenner. a new biography called "sticky fingers" is shedding new light. abc's chris connelly spoke with the author. >> reporter: for decades "rolling stone" has used top quality writing and photography to cover what began as a rock 'n' roll counter culture and would become the world we know now. >> jann recognized that the youth culture was going to be
8:18 am
the culture and rock 'n' roll was the first expression of that power. and jann followed that narrative with "rolling stone" on a biweekly basis. >> reporter: author joe hagan tells his personal and professional story with unprecedented access and phenomenal detail in his biography "sticky fingers: the life and time of jann wenner and rolling stone magazine." highlighted as well his star crossed relationships with the superstars his magazine covered, like john lennon. >> the beatles live in a new motion picture. ♪ let it be >> reporter: wenner saw weeping in a theater as "let it be" chronicled the beatles demise. >> jann was there to witness that and forms this bond with john lennon and gets him to give him essentially the exit interview and john lennon pouring his guts out about what it meant to be in the beatles.
8:19 am
>> reporter: "rolling stone"'s images pushed mainstream star toss the edge, from jennifer aniston back to david cassidy. what was the significance as your book chronicles of that david cassidy cover? >> david cassidy nude on the cover of "rolling stone." he had been a teen idol before, "partridge family." squeaky clean. nobody expected him to be break out and become counter cultural right? ♪ baby we were born to run >> reporter: you think of someone like bruce springsteen someone so familiar with the press, but he confided in you that being mentioned for the first time in "rolling stone," big deal in his life. >> huge. springsteen was of a generation of rock stars who actually grew up with "rolling stone." here's springsteen learning how to be a rock star from reading "rolling stone." ♪ like a candle in the wind >> reporter: 1986 elton john came out in rolling stone's pages. it was the first time anyone had ever actually asked me and i felt very comfortable about it
8:20 am
and i didn't really think about any consequences because it was the truth. and if you're gonna come out and say something like that be it in a great magazine like "rolling stone." >> reporter: two decades later in 1995, wenner himself would come out. through it all, the tangled relationship between wenner and the rolling stones mick jagger. ♪ i can't get no satisfaction >> reporter: how would you describe their love/hate, bonding/anti-bonding relationship over the 50 years of "rolling stone"? >> i would describe it as a volatile partnership. in fact, he launched into why did he call it that? why did he have to call it "rolling stone." >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, new york. >> and "sticky fingers" is out on tuesday. we'll go over to rob hanging out in the bridal section. what's up, rob? >> the bridal boutique, michael. this is where you and every other man wants to be. when kids are invited to a wedding there's always a kids' table but how about the kiddie table. look at this video sent in from
8:21 am
daytona beach. this is from amber. it's riley, max, it's bella and kona doing it up nice there. look at the centerpiece. a bouquet you'll want to take home at the end of the wedding. unsure on the invite whether they checked off chicken or fish, but they certainly look like they're enjoying themself. that's what's happening in the bridal boutique. get a look at your local forecast. good friday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly cloudy and an autumn breeze today. clear, calmer, cooler tonight and summer heat, several days of it next week. not today. look rat the temperatures. stuck in the 60s everywhere to a in half moon bay. tonight most of us in the 40s, about 52 in san francisco. it will be a little breezy this afternoon but calmer winds mean a warming trend tomorrow. look at the 70s so it is time now for
8:22 am
"gma's" "meet your match." and this morning, we're getting secrets, dating secrets from an expert who people spend thousands of dollars to learn from. i'm here with international famous dating coach matthew hussey. before we talk, though, yeah, very excited. the audience very excited. we want to give you a quick look at his background. ♪ >> reporter: he's young, he's handsome and he's an international love guru. >> there are two words that i want to bring you today that are going to change the way you look at dating forever. >> reporter: meet matthew hussey the 30-year-old dating coach and "the new york times" best-seller of "get the guy" charges up to $10,000 for one-on-one coaching sessions. >> how does a girl like you stay single? >> i'm attracted to you but i'm insecure. >> reporter: he shares his relationship secrets with people around the world and on-line with his 3 million social media follows. get ready love seekers. your coaching session starts
8:23 am
right now. [ cheers and applause ] right now. matthew, thank you for being on "good morning america." >> thanks for having me. good to be here. >> it so happens we have an audience filled with singles. [ cheers and applause ] you guys are all excited. matthew is excited because you say now is a great time to meet your match. >> i think now is perhaps the best time ever to date. we have never been so in need of real connection. we're lonely but we have never been so bad at connecting. people are addicted to their phones. >> yes. >> and they're never looking up anymore so if you can do the basics of being able to talk to another human being or pick up the phone and talk to someone it is so easy to win today compared to what it used to be. >> wow. that sounds very simple, right? put the phone down and reengage. >> i guarantee these ladies will say -- >> and guys. >> yes, but the women will say this especially. if a guy can pick up the phone to me, that already sets him apart probably from the last ten guys i dated.
8:24 am
>> all right. right there, good advice already. so our viewers are excited. we asked them and tweeted questions. devan tweeted us and said she's naturally quiet and needs help approaching men. you gave us one piece of advice. what do you say to devan? >> women can make the first move. any woman who says i don't make the first move, i'm old fashioned i say you don't know what old fashioned is. a hundred years ago a woman would walk past a man, drop her handkerchief and keep walking. the guy would see this and say this is an extraordinary opportunity to be a man and pick it up. he would walk it over to her. >> how do we translate that -- >> he would say, madam, you dropped this. she would say, did i? there are eight words to say to a guy. ask him a favor. i could use your help with something. you could be out tonight and say -- >> a date. >> you say i could use your help with something. my hands are full. could you hold my jacket for two seconds while i give these
8:25 am
drinks to my friends. you take your drinks to your friend. you come back, grab your jacket. thank you, you're a gentleman. how is your night going? he's now talking to you and doesn't feel like he did anything. >> so the games are still alive and well. i want to get the audience involved, though. you talk about the power of the proper compliment. you're going to pay me two or three if you want. but two is fine. but you say one is actually much more effective at landing. listen up to this. you'll pay me two and then you will let me know. >> i could say, i really like your eyes. you have beautiful eyes. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> the first one. >> that one worked. go on. >> the second one is i really like your style. >> okay, who liked the eye compliment? [ cheers ] who liked the style compliment? [ cheers ] >> which one is more effective? >> both are effective. one is easier to make if you want to talk to someone today. the eyes comment is something you didn't choose.
8:26 am
you were born with those eyes. if i say i like your style, complimenting your choices in life. i'm complimenting something you decided so that goes deeper. that's an easier one and sounds less personal even though it's more personal. >> i mean, we would love to talk more to you. thank you, matthew. matthew, we will be right back. wedding dresses, thank you. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen. a
8:27 am
happy friday. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." it's 8:27. today residents of santa rosa's coffugffey park and journey's e mobile home parks are being allowed back to their property for the fist time since the fires. last night residents of the park participated in the community meeting and at times it was heated. some wanted to know why they didn't receive more warning that the fire was coming. let's see what traffic looks like. >> we are taking a look at the san mateo bridge right now and, yeah, that is not frozen, traffic not moving on that westbound side. we have a crash east of high-rise. you can see one of those chp vehicles off on shoulder, but we have a lane blocked as well, so some long delays there. you may want to head to dumbarton bridge instead. slight delays, westbound 80 heading to the maze, about 15
8:28 am
across the bay bridge, slight delays for the airplane too. >>
8:29 am
. hey, good morning. the chance of getting wet ending in about an hour or so as some of these scattered light showers across the north bay been over. temperatures heading out 40s and 50s. on our way to mainly 60s this afternoon. a touch of autumn many the air. we'll be breezy too. look at the heat next week, reggie. summer comes back.
8:30 am
we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and ♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. fantastic friday morning. we have a fantastic audience in our studio. [ cheers and applause ] and to top it all off look who we have, the fantastic emmy winning actor greg kinnear. [ cheers and applause ] and, greg, starring in the brand-new new "same but different." >> let me just say it really is a great audience. i just wanted to make sure. >> the thing is you started your career in tv. >> i did. >> you know, you were interviewing people on your late night show. would you ever go back to tv again now that you have to
8:31 am
experience in this morning? >> you're ready to break a story here right now. well, if it was like this, yeah, man. i mean i felt like we were doing public access. this is like a real show here. this is fantastic. no, i don't know. i mean like i enjoy doing it. you get different guests. as you will see you don't have a great one here but when you have a great guest it's a great format. it's a great -- we had longer interview, they were about 30 minutes so you run out of questions at some point but this is a little snap injure. >> i got a hard-hitting question for you. do you have an album you can listen to over and over again and we ask because billboard posted this question on twitter. if you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life what would that album be, i ask you this, greg. >> i would say if you got to go with one, how about the eagles' "greatest hits". >> that was mine. >> is that true? that was yours as well? >> i found a second buzz tht th
8:32 am
the greatest. >> iconic. >> you can listen to it over and over again. >> until you're sick of it. >> but it's the only one you got. you got to stick with it in all three picked the same. >> i went for my second choice another great one by the police "z "zenyatta mondatta." >> i know one song on that whole album. >> okay. >> i'm curious with george -- >> i was going to break into karaoke. >> "born to run," classic. >> i was thinking like michael jackson "thriller"? that's a good one too. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. >> can't beat it. >> i still have that album, by the way. i saved it i loved it so much. >> not your first choice. >> second choice. >> okay, we'll take that. >> she chose the right choice. >> all right, so can you tell us about the movie please. >> the is called "same kind of
8:33 am
different as me" and deals with subject of homelessness which is an important issue, more important than ever. true story. book was on "the new york times" best-seller list an and off for about 3 1/2 years and the story is about three different people are brought together by this woman debbie hall who in this idea of helping this cause and her husband, ron hall, is the co-writer of the book and when i first met ron it was here in new york and i sat down with him and talked to him about the story. and i says, very nice to meet you. he said then you don't know me very well and he proceeded to kind of outline this indiscretion that had happened with him and his marriage with a woman he loved very much and, you know, they ended up kind of figuring that out but he was introduced to this mission that she was very involved in and ultimately met this guy denver moore who is a remarkable human
8:34 am
being, great guy who they had a friendship that ended up i think raising something like $100 million for homelessness and brought a lot of attention to the cause so it's an incredible story of three very different people that go through something extraordinary. >> let's see a little bit of it. >> my wife is concerned you're not eating so made you a little something here. man-to-man you'd be doing me a big favor to just, you know, have a little something. you don't have to eat the whole thing. >> just a few bites. no? you don't like italian. you're walking away, aren't you? he's walking away. [ applause ] >> relationship starts a little dicey. it gets better from there. but it's with djimon hounsou and
8:35 am
it's a nice film about an issue we all should be paying more attention to. >> great cast. >> personally you and your wife have three daughters. you and george could probably compare notes. >> you have three daughters? >> two. >> two. two. >> i have two daughters too. >> i have three. >> all right, all right, you're a pro then. >> a lot of girls at this table. what's it like being outnumbered. >> yeah, i think that's a good word for it like waking up on "the view" every day. [ laughter and applause ] >> constant state of surrender. >> yeah, wouldn't you say? >> absolutely. [ applause ] you do the best you can. three of a kind which is kind of great because i only have to -- i don't have to be a good father for a boy. i just have to know how to handle girls which is an ongoing learning process. mostly about being quiet is what i've learned. >> you know what, we're glad you're here and weren't quiet and it is "same kind of different as me" starring greg
8:36 am
kinnear. it is in theaters today. we appreciate you. >> just invited on to the show when you get it. myrna and her groom stephen lost everything in hurricane harvey including her dream wedding dress, well, we're teaming up with kleinfeld to help her out but first let's take a look at her story. >> what were you going to say. >> we met on match -- >> dotcom so it works. >> been close to three years. >> our wedding is going to be october 28th. i'm really excited to meet the rest of his family for him to meet mine. i ended up in new york on a work trip. i took my cousin with me. we said let's go to the kleinfeld sample studio and to just look at dresses. i was trying on a dress. it was everything that i had like asked for. it was lace and tulle and flowy and area and everybody was crying and my cousin was like so this dress, it's it was over my budget.
8:37 am
it was already on sale. she came back and basically said that they could do what i could work with. i had the gown six months before harvey hit. i knew i lost a lot of things but that was definitely like the thing that hit me the hardest. because it was like super special for me if seeing her eyes pop up and then seeing it taken away, it definitely left a toll on her. >> i feel really blessed that we're still able to celebrate our love. my friends have pitched in financially. the flower girl dresses were also lost in that so they rebought everything and were really nice about it. >> no matter what dress, she makes it special. she's the one i want to be with. >> i'm looking forward to walking down the aisle. [ cheers and applause ] >> it is great to have myrna's fiance stephen, mother frances and mother reiyna.
8:38 am
you nervous? >> a little. >> you lost so much in the storm so do you see this wedding as a new beginning for you guys? >> yeah, definitely. it's something that we had a lot of displacement but everyone was safe. our family is safe and the most important thing is we can restart with the wedding that she deserves. >> absolutely. now, you bolton deserve. everybody deserves it and mom, mother-in-law. you're a little nervous about this? >> yes. >> you are excited. >> yeah. >> myrna is in the back getting ready to come out here and show us which dress she picked. you can't see her until the big day so i'll hand you this, my friend. you're going to put that on, all right. >> when we come back, we're going to do the big reveal. myrna has tried on more than 20 dresses. which one does she choose is the big question? we'll be right back to find out. get 35% off on coit residential cleaning services including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments.
8:39 am
and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 35% off everything coit cleans. call or click today.
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that's 35% off everything coit cleans. don't stress the mess, call coit. where your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or your money back. relax, you've got coit. get 35% off all coit residential cleaning services. call or click today.
8:41 am
how about this crew out here? we have people from georgia, a whole contingent from minnesota, raleigh, north carolina and this couple joining us from where? >> southern illinois. >> celebrating ten years of marriage. >> your name. >> david ross. >> here in new york to celebrate. >> yes. >> what are you doing tonight? "lion king" broadway. >> i love it. congratulations on ten years. celebrating marriage as a whole for sure and moments away from the big reveal. the "gma" wedding rescue dress. the gown that myrna will choose.
8:42 am
what's it going good morning. grab the sunglasses, p chance of a stray shower over after 9:00 and autumn breeze keeping us in the 50s and subject under a partly cloudy sky [ cheers and applause ] >> this report is brought to you by state farm. michael, amy, back upstairs to you. >> thank you, rob. now for our wedding dress rescue. our lovely texas bride myrna lost everything during hurricane harvey including her dream wedding dress in that's right and she saved for a long time and got a great deal but now she cannot afford a new gown so our friends at kleinfeld have set up her with more than 20 beautiful designer dresses to choose from and has been trying them on all morning long. we are here with her blindfolded groom and their moms for the big reveal. >> they are all nervous. i'm nervous for this.
8:43 am
myrna, that is your cue. come on down the aisle. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank. >> hold my hand. >> stephen, i know you're not married yet but when everybody else is clapping, you better clap. you chose a replica of your original dress. why did you go back to the original style? >> because this was my dream dress. >> myrna, it was a big splurge for you. you saved to get this and it's pretty incredible kleinfeld was able to enlist the designer, pni pnina torrnay. now you have it. can you imagine that you'd be back in that gown again? >> i couldn't and i'm thankful
8:44 am
to kleinfeld's. everybody that helped. i love this dress and am excited to walk down the aisle with it. >> your reaction. were you surprised? >> i was. they had told me that it was discontinued so i didn't expect to get the same dress and everything that they showed me was beautiful but when i saw it, i -- >> you knew. >> yes. >> special dress, special occasion and especially for you. and, moms, how are you feeling looki looking at myrna in her beautiful dress. >> i think she deserves, it's just as beautiful as she is. >> yeah. i'm going to cry right now. >> you can cry just don't make me cry. it's okay. >> a lot of tears and happy tears. stephen just has a smile on his face. [ laughter ] you're the only one in america who hasn't seen the dress. what does it sound like to you? [ laughter ] >> the suspense is killing me. >> well, you're just going to have to wait but take it from us
8:45 am
your bride-to-be looks beautiful and the smile on her face says it all so keep smiling, stephen. it's all going to be good. >> absolutely. [ applause ] >> and thank you, guys, for letting us be a part and helping you get back on your journey and your marriage. congratulations, it will be on october 28th, everybody. dwlat congratulations to these two and want to thank kleinfeld's and want to wish you all the best. coming up. x ambassadors are here to perform live. [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
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♪ welcome back to "good morning america." we are so thrilled this morning to have the xem wi ambassadors. their hit "reng guede" climbed the charts. enough they have a new album coming out next year. this is the lead single called "ahead of myself." [ applause ]
8:48 am
two, three, four. ♪ yeah ♪ thought i was ready ready for someone else ♪ ♪ but every time i get ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ thought i was rock steady that i didn't need no help ♪ ♪ but every time i get ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ guess i went ahead and jumped the gun again some situation that i put you in ♪ ♪ and i know we poured champagne maybe we was just too quick to celebrate ♪ ♪ thought i was ready, ready for someone else but every time i
8:49 am
get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ every time i get ahead of myself thought i was rock steady ♪ ♪ that i didn't need no help but every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ every time i get ahead of my ♪ i get ahead of myself yeah babe i get ahead of myself yeah babe ♪ ♪ i know that i was first to say i love you babe moved my things to your apartment down on second street ♪ ♪ i thought i'd cleaned the slate but i guess i didn't clean it all away ♪ ♪ and i thought i was ready ready for someone else but every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ every time i get ahead of myself thought i was rock steady ♪
8:50 am
♪ that i didn't need no help but every time i get ahead of myself every time i get ahead of my ♪ ♪ i get ahead of myself yeah babe i get ahead of myself yeah babe ♪ ♪ i get ahead of myself yeah baby ♪ ♪ i get ahead of myself yeah babe yeah babe ♪ ♪ i get ahead of myself ♪ i get ahead of myself ♪ yeah ♪ thought i was ready ready for someone else ♪ ♪ someone else
8:51 am
♪ but every time i get ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ thought i was rock steady that i didn't need no help ♪ ♪ i didn't need no help ♪ but every time i get ahead of myself every time i get ahead of my ♪ ♪ i get ahead of myself yeah babe i get ahead of myself yeah baby ♪ ♪ oh ♪ i get ahead of myself yeah babe i get ahead of myself yeah babe, yeah babe ♪ [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" concert series presented by carmax. if you are in your home or business and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore and then call 911. the first responders will come out and they'll make it safe for you and your community.
8:52 am
♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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chase. if youdon't touch it,downed keep everyone back. call 911 immediately. the fire department will respond with law enforcement and pg&e to figure out what the issue is to keep you safe and there are no hazards to the public. ♪ now new york stay in a hotel and get $500 spending cash and see one of the biggest acts performing on "gma." go to and find out how to enter the fall sweepstakes. >> we have to say thanks to the x ambassadors. >> everybody out there, we want myrna and stephen for joining us this morning. poor stephen hasn't gotten a chance to see his beautiful bride's wedding gown. don't worry, we'll be at the
8:55 am
wedding and show everybody his reaction. everybody, have a great weekend and we'll see you on monday.
8:56 am
8:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:59 am
good morning. it is friday. celebration, i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." mike nicco, how is it outside? >> a little clearer. still a slight chance of a random shower in the next hour or so. you can see to the south and to the north, our better chances. partly cloudy and breezy today, feels like autumn with temperatures in the 60s, 50s at the coast, 30s in our deepest valleys tonight, otherwise 40s and 50s tomorrow morning and look at that summer heat next week. alexis? >> inform, yeah, really drying out in richmond. you can see the sun shining through at this point westbound 580. definitely seeing the pavement dry out. no delays on that stretch, san mateo bridge recovering from an earlier problem and dumbarton looks good too. s see you again at 11:00 a.m. for the abc7 midday news. time for "live with kelly & ryan."
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today's star of the series "the brave," anne heche. and on mom from ohio gets a new look as we wrap up our style regrets week. it's that time of the year to check out the biggest pumpkin in america. all next on "live" ." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheers and applause] >> ryan: what's up?


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